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Excerpts of Pastor Idowu Iluyomade's Message at the December Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, January 6, 2019


Bible Text: Isaiah 43:16-19 (NLT)


Lamentations 3:22-23 tells us that "It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness." We are all alive today because of God’s faithfulness and mercy that we receive every morning.  If God were to mark sin, no one would be alive. Though the year just started, some people have had very close shave with death, indeed some people have died. King David thought of the mercies of God upon his life and he admitted that he did not deserve to be alive to be a recipient of the over-generous preferential treatment – the unmerited favour of God.


He thought of the mighty deliverances:

he remembered when he encountered a bear, a lion, and Goliath

he remembered the envy of his brothers

he remembered the many times he had to dodge the javelin of Saul

he remembered how God through Abigail, restrained him from killing Nabal

he remembered how he killed the husband of Bathsheba after he slept with her

he remembered how his son staged a coup against him and he was exiled

he remembered the near misses in his life (2 Samuel 21:16-17)

he remembered how God forgave him all his sins.

David knew that in spite of all he had been through, he was alive and still standing. Having thought of all these, he penned down a song, which is in Psalm 89:1, and it says, "I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations." Like David, thank God for His blessings, faithfulness, provision, protection, preservation, victory, for forgiving your sins, etc.


Isaiah 6:1 says, "Arise, shine; for thy light has come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee." That glorious future you have been waiting for has finally come. If God is saying it is time for you to shine, that means there will be a change of position; darkness will be a thing of the past because when light comes, it pushes back every form of darkness. As you shine, shame, poverty, sickness, stagnation, barrenness, and failure will be a thing of the past in Jesus mighty name. Hence, arise and shine, for your light has come and the glory of the LORD is risen over you.


In Isaiah 43, we see that God recounted the great and mighty things He had done for the children of Israel. Indeed, as an individual, you can remember and testify of the awesome things God has done for you in 2018 that is praiseworthy. As a Church, we can testify of the great and mighty things God has done for us in the past years.


However, in verse 18, God says, "But forget all that..." Indeed, one would ask, how can the children of Israel forget all the mighty things God wrought in their lives or the deliverances from the 10 plagues? God says as awesome as the things He did for you in 2018 were, it is nothing compared to the things He wants to do in 2019. He will do something so great that it will eclipse the things of the past. What God will do in your life in 2019 will be so great that all other things He has done will pale to the awesome things He is about to do.


In verse 19, God says, "For I am about to do something new." I prophesy into your life that God will do something new, awesome, great and miraculous in your life in Jesus mighty name. When God says He is about to do something new, we see the clincher in the same verse 19 where God is asking; "See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?" It is important for you to see. Hence, you need God to open your eyes to see that which He is about to do in your life. When God says, "See" it is an indication that He wants you to see things the way He sees them. You need to see the promises of God, do not be distracted by the things happening in the physical. My prayer is that God will open your spiritual eyes to see the new things He is about to do in your life in Jesus mighty name.


In 2 Kings 6:16-17, all Elisha's servant could see was the problem, as the enemies encompassed them, but the solution was already there. For the children of Israel in Exodus 3:4-8, all they could see were afflictions and pressures, but the afflictions and pressures were an indication that the exodus had already begun. Jeremiah 5:21 tells us that God's ways are not our ways, they are past finding out. Hence, it does not matter what you are going through right now, the new thing God wants to do has started already. I prophesy into your life that what men meant for bad in your life, God will turn it for good in Jesus mighty name. God will help you in Jesus mighty name. That new thing God wants to do has started already. At first, it might look like a problem, but the new thing has started. Most times, the blessings of God comes in disguise. My prayer is that God will open your eyes to see these blessings and they will not pass you by in Jesus mighty name.


God referred the children of Israel to the things He had done, but told them to forget it as it was nothing compared to what He wanted to do. Therefore, you should expect, new doors, new opportunities, new pursuits, favour, healing, deliverance, promotion, change of status, and much more in 2019. You need to see all these things like Jesus saw the joy that was set before Him. This 2019 is your year of celebration in Jesus mighty name.


In conclusion, Matthew 9:17 says, "Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved." God wants to help you, and do great and mighty things in your life but He cannot function if there is sin in your life. If God will do new things in your life, then the old man (your old life and old ways) has to die. A life without Jesus Christ is a hopeless life. If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, humble yourself and do so today. A new life starts with Jesus Christ. If you are willing to repent and surrender your life to Jesus Christ, then pray this prayer right now: LORD Jesus, I come to You right now. I know I am a sinner, please forgive me my sins. I plead the Blood of Jesus to wash me clean of all my sins. With my mouth, I confess that Jesus is LORD, and I believe that God raised Him from the dead. From today, I accept You as the LORD of my life. Please change my heart from a disobedient heart to a heart that obeys you, fill me with the Holy Spirit, write my name in the Book of life, and make me brand new in Jesus Mighty Name.” 



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