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Excerpts of Pastor James Bamidele Sturdivant's Message at the Sunrise Service on Sunday, December 9, 2018.


Bible Text: Habakkuk 3:17-19

Glory Ahead can be looked at in several ways. For glory to be said that it is ahead, it means that it is coming soon. It can also be said to be in the future. What you have to consider is while you are expecting glory ahead or in glory the future, you have to deal with how you are feeling now; and there has to be a mindset to not get discouraged while you are expecting. Hence, there has to be a change of mind.

In Job 1:6-12, we see that there was a gathering and God asked if Satan had considered His servant, Job. Interestingly enough, the devil had not even recognised that Job existed, God simply said Job's name to make the devil keep quiet. Every now and then, God is looking for someone that He knows has the ability to go through so that He can testify that He will bring you out. He is looking for someone that has some tenacity to have the ability to deal with what they have to deal with to get to where they are going. We understand that Job was living a good life and was well known in the town, yet, unbeknownst to him, there was a conversation going on concerning him. You need to know that there are times when God will say some things concerning you without telling you what He is talking about. You will find out that you are going through things but God did not tell you anything. This is because God allows you to be tested so that He can testify about you. The end of Job's story was that he got everything back and it was double (Job 42:10). Note that he did not get everything back until he prayed for people who did him wrong.

Most people do not like to talk about what Job went through, but if you are expecting your latter end to be greater or for glory to be ahead, you have to be able to deal with the in-between the process.

Furthermore, before God starts a project, it is already finished (Revelation 1:8). You just have to run your race, but the difficulty that people have is that they do not want to run the race; they just want to know that it is already over. When you trust God to the level that He is expecting, He then puts things in your hands to see if you can really be trusted. The pre-bless test happens when God blesses you with little to see if you will give it to Him before He gives you the abundance. It does not matter what the process looks like, God has already settled your case. It does not matter what the in-between looks like, God has already called your end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10).

The mindset you must have if you are expecting are as follows:

1. Don't base your confidence on your circumstance (Habakkuk 3:17). When you listen for spiritual things, you cannot go by natural senses. If you look at your natural circumstance with your eyes, there is no way things can happen. Get your confidence in God.

2. Purpose to praise God anyhow (Habakkuk 3:18). When you can praise God over your history, it makes you not to worry but makes you get excited about your destiny. While you are waiting on God for what you are expecting, praise God in the midst of it.

3. Rest in God's strength and not your own.

You are not going down this season, you are going upward; you are not going back, you are going forward. Forward ever, backward never, and you do not have time to allow what you have been through to pull you back. There is glory ahead!

This is an excerpt, to get the complete message in CD & DVD, please visit the Word & Sound stand or visit the sermons podcast on our website. 

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