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Power with God and Power with Men - 3

Excerpts of DR. OKEY ONUZO'S message at the Digging for Gold Service on Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Bible Text: Genesis 32:24-30

It took a crisis for Jacob to realise that prayer is far superior to scheming, and plotting. Prayer is the true force of life that bring changes in your life and world. Ecclesiastes 3:14 says “Whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it…” We wrestle with God so that the power of God will come down, and bring an effective change that is permanent. Kings, Presidents, Chancellors and Prime Ministers wield power on earth, but it is by the decree of the Most-High God that the world is governed (Daniel 4:17). You need to embrace the new order that the spiritual controls the physical; the moment you get awakened, you begin to seek the spiritual to make a real difference on earth. The kingdom of God is a notion in Heaven, but when Jesus Christ came on the earth, He established the Kingdom of God on earth. John the Baptist was the forerunner, he came preaching in the wilderness of Judaea saying “Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3:1-2). When Jesus Christ began to preach, He made the same declaration in Matthew 4:17. It is important to understand this because when you enter into the kingdom, you become part of the governance of the earth; this is what brings the difference that ordinary people can become part of what God is doing on the earth if they can find their place in it. In the Old Testament, God only had a few people who were empowered spiritually (e.g. Elijah, and Elisha), and everybody went to them; but Jesus came to produce billions of wo/men who are empowered spiritually. Not only that Jesus established the kingdom, He also established the fact that He’s a judge whom everybody is subject to. The Father committed judgment to the Son because all those who honour the Father will honour the Son (John 5:21-23).

Looking at the story of Moses and the bronze serpent, you understand the simplicity, yet profound of the message of salvation. John 3:14-19 says “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life…” The children of Israel rebelled against the LORD, serpents began to bite them, and they began to die. God instructed Moses to erect a bronze serpent, and anyone who is bitten by a real serpent who comes to look up to the bronze serpent will be healed. Now, the truth is that there’s no medicine in that serpent, but obedience to what God has said brought the cure. Salvation is made simple so that nobody needs to struggle to enter into the kingdom of God. It is only if you are willing and obedient that the power of God comes to you, and you are saved. The human system believes that something good cannot be simple, but the truth of your calling in Christ is that it is good and simple. Many people are not yet alive to the fact that when Jesus comes, the saints shall judge the world (Matthew 19:28-30, 1 Corinthians 6:2-3). God sends Jesus Christ to establish the kingdom of God, Jesus is inviting wo/men to enter into the kingdom of God, and be His followers; God has bequeathed all judgement to Him, and Jesus says ‘when I sit on my throne judging, you too will sit on your own throne judging.’  This shows that there’s empowerment not only in this life; there’s empowerment all the way to the world to come. This is the inspiration that makes a wo/man say ‘I just have to follow Him, let come what may,’ because the rewards transcends time into eternity. After Jacob stole his brother’s blessings and he was on the run, he had an encounter with angel, but this didn’t stop him in his scheming’s, he sent a present to Esau his brother, and the messengers informed him that his brother was coming with 400 men to attack him, then Jacob began to panic and for the first time in his life he prayed – God got him to pray. Don’t pray only while you are in trouble because it is an invitation to continue in trouble. Seek God all the time to continually be empowered so that no matter where you are, you will speak for God. Jacob wrestled with the angel all night because realised that in that struggle laid the secret to the solution to Esau that is why he requested ‘you cannot leave until you bless me.’ This speaks to you that you must persevere. Today because of what Jess Christ has done we wrestle by emptying ourselves. The more you empty yourself, the more the Holy Spirit fills you. You do not empty yourself by words only; God looks at your heart. To empty yourself is the secret to empowerment this is why anybody can do it. Don’t forget that when you empty yourself, people start taking advantage of you, but you must not be bothered because what you are looking for is divine empowerment.

However, as this empowerment looks so simple, many miss it because they have preconceived notions. For instance, it doesn’t make any sense to you when they tell you that to make Heaven you must forgive, but you insist that it is through works; they tell you to go through grace and mercy, but you say you will go through merit, etc. 2 Corinthians 4:4 says “the god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers…” Also, the devil has preoccupies you with personal needs to deter you from making decrees. Ordinary people are called to be empowered. You must make decrees with authority, and you stand on it knowing that you are standing on behalf of Heaven. Stop thinking about schemes to bring about a change, it is about the power of God. Thus, when you invite God into a situation, there an expectation which is your faith. The kingdom of God is established to dominate every other kingdom on earth – political, religious, spiritual, cultural, and economic. Power with God and man is about realising that in Christ Jesus, you have been made not just priests and kings, you have also been made to judge. There must arise a generation of believers who will be desperate to see the kingdom of God come with power (Mark 9:1). The kingdom of God is with power; when the apostles preached the gospel, they preached it with power; over the years, intellectualism has overtaken the spirit in the preaching of the gospel which has brought so much confusion, but you can sweep that aside and stay in the simplicity of your calling and say ‘Jesus may Your will be done here.’ Sometimes, He invites us to be partners with Him in doing one or two things, but it will be evident that the power of God is there, and people are changing not by persuasion, but by the quickening of the spirit.

Finally, if you are not yet in the kingdom, you cannot benefit from it. If you are willing to repent of your sins, surrender your life to Jesus Christ and be empowered to govern, then pray this prayer right now: LORD, Jesus forgive my sins, come into my heart, and be my LORD, and Saviour. I submit to You today. You went on the cross of Calvary to die for my sins, You rose again on the third day to give me a new life, and I receive that new life in Jesus Name! 

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