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It Happened To Me 10

[A Message By Pastor Idowu Iluyomade at Digging for Gold and Holy Communion Service on Tuesday, July 4, 2017]


Reference Scriptures:

JOHN 3:1 - “There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews.”


PSALM 91:7 – “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; BUT IT SHALL NOT COME NIGH THEE.”


Eons ago, our grandparents told us through folklore (stories of communities passed on from one generation to the next verbally) and riddles, a lot of stories that had morals. For instance, we were told the stories of the tortoise and its exploits. It is however sad that most of these stories are beginning to go extinct because they were not properly documented and passed to other generations. Imagine if the Bible was not written and translated into other contemporary languages, there would have been conflicts of stories, heresies and arguments.


In the Bible, the fathers made conscious efforts to preserve history – the things they heard and saw. God commanded in Deuteronomy 6:6-8 saying and these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes. And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.”

It is important to keep records because

·       The events glorify God

·       So as not to forget His mercies and help

·       It helps to build our faith

·       It encourages others


Lack of record keeping and consciously passing them to the next generation might create a generation gap. Example, it is sad that the generations after Joshua did not know God nor remember the works He had done for their fore fathers, and they did evil before God (Judges 2:10-13). What legacy are we passing to the next generation? Have we documented same? That is why as a church we try to document not only people’s testimonies but all the works God is doing through the church. These have increased people’s faith knowing that if God did it for others in the past, He is well capable of doing it again now. That is why we know that the preferential treatment meted out to God’s children in Psalm 91:7 is real and relevant in our times.


We see some people surviving accidents or natural disasters like the tsunami, though a lot of people were killed. Calamites might be happening around us but it shall not come near us because we are under God’s Comprehensive Insurance Cover enshrined in Psalm 91.



  • Many years ago, I was living with my uncle. I had always gone out and I knew my way back home. But on this particular day, the guy that was to take me home lost his way and I was very frustrated with him for taking another route. When I got home I discovered that robbers had shot my uncle outside the gate and he died. If I had been at the place, I will have been killed too.

Comment: Stop complaining when you meet with what looks like road blocks - that may be a direct help from God because He works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

  • In October 2007, I was driving from Ibadan to Lagos and I was delayed by my mother for 30 minutes. When I got to Sagamu interchange, a 33, 000 liters petrol tanker burst into flames in front of me. It made national headlines in the dailies the following day and it was reported that nobody survived because there was about 3km of burnt lane on the expressway. I drove into the fire and it was a miracle I was saved. To the glory of God, I was the only survivor whilst over 50 people died.



One of the most outstanding catastrophic events in the history of mankind occured in Egypt on Passover night where thousands were killed whilst some were saved. Sometimes, it might appear that God is using kid’s gloves in fighting the enemy, and it is because He doesn’t want anybody to die; but to come to the saving knowledge of God. It was as if God was just throwing little punches with satan and Pharaoh. God said to Pharoah Israel is My firstborn, let My people go to serve Me. Pharaoh refused, so God sent Moses and Aaron to convince him to cooperate. Moses got there and threw down his rod, it became  snakes also (Exodus 7:11), the magicians too threw down their rods, they became snakes so they laughed it off saying ‘your God is not powerful.’ Again, in verse 22, Moses used his rod to turn the waters in Egypt into blood and the magicians did likewise. Satan was laughing, the people were frustrated and asked if God has lost His power as Almighty. In Exodus 8, Moses brought out frogs and they filled everywhere and in verse 7, the magicians did the same thing.

You may have been having a running battle with satan, you have been praying and fasting, but the problem just remains and people are now asking where is your God, where is your testimony, how come this situation still persists in your life, how come you still have the delay, how come you are still sick, how come you can’t make a headway out of the situation? Yet, God is alive sitting on the throne and the earth  His footstool. Yet, God is the Almighty. But a time comes when God says enough is enough. In 1 Chronicles 21:5 there were calamities and God said it is enough. Once God says it is enough, your story changes; failure becomes success. What was impossible before becomes possible. Your sorrowful weeping becomes weeping for joy. You start winning. Barrenness and stagnation becomes a thing of the past. The doors that have been shut against you are flung open just because God says I have had enough of this charade. Your bondage is over when God says enough is enough.


There are moments in history that God said enough is enough. For example, Daniel 7: 21-22 says “I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; UNTIL THE ANCIENT OF DAYS CAME, and judgment was given to the saints of the Most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.” God said enough is enough in Exodus 11:1 and told Moses that one more plague, one more sign and one more intervention and he will let you go this time. As that night was a night to remember in Egypt, any time we particiapte in Holy Communion Service, we are also rehashing the memories of that night, and it will be a night to remember for somebody that believes. What God used that night was the blood of rams smeared on the lintels of the homes of the children of Israel, and every evil passed over them. But that same night, judgement was passed over the whole of Egypt, they lost their firstborns while the firstborns of the children of Israel was redeemed.               

2, 000 years ago, Jesus Christ rehashed that Passover night, He had a meal that night using some elements – the bread which represents His body that was broken for you and the wine which represents the blood of the New Covenant that was shed. If the blood of lambs can protect, 3, 000 years ago in Egypt, how much more the blood of our LORD and Master, Jesus Christ. The Bible says “the life of a thing is in the blood” (Leviticus 17:14), the blood is potent. Once, you spill the blood, you are spilling life. Once the enemy saw the blood on the lintels on their door post, he couldn’t destroy them. The blood was a covering. Studies show that the blood transports the good things in and moves the waste and horrible things out. It removes things that are not useful and passes it to the kidney for excretion. As you partake of the blood of Jesus, anything that is not of God in your life, anything in your body/life that is not useful to you, the blood of Jesus will get rid of it in Jesus name. The blood controls all the organs of the body, as you partake of the meal, the blood of Jesus will control all your organs in Jesus name. There are two types of blood cells, the white and red blood cells. The white blood cells are soldiers, they attack the bacteria or anything that threatens our bodies that is what exactly the blood of Jesus will do today. As you partake, it will attack anything that is contrary to the will of God in your life/body in Jesus name. The red blood cells carry the oxygen that we need.

Also, when Jesus Christ celebrated the Passover 2,000 years ago, it marked a new beginning in the life of mankind. Because of what Jesus did at Calvary, He was given a name above every other name, at the name of Jesus every knee must bow in Heaven, earth or under the earth. You need to believe in the power of the blood of our LORD and Master, Jesus Christ.

Finally, this meal is a closed meal not meant for everybody. It is for his disciples. If you are a sinner, you need to confess your sins, allow Jesus Christ to register your name in the Book of Life. If you partake of the meal unadvisedly, instead of life you will bring death upon yourself. If you are willing to repent and surrender your life to Jesus Christ, then pray this prayer right now: LORD Jesus, I come to You right now, I know I am a sinner, please forgive me of my sins. With my mouth, I confess that Jesus, from right now, be the LORD of my life. I am coming back to You today, please accept me, receive me, and forgive me. Change my heart to a heart that obeys You, fill me with Your Holy Spirit. With my new heart, I believe that it is because of me You came to this world; You died for my sins, You took away my sins, take away my problems also. Write my name in the Book of Life, give me a fresh start in Jesus Mighty Name.

This is an excerpt, to get the complete message in CD & DVD, please visit the Word & Sound stand or visit the sermons podcast on our website.



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