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Excerpts of Dr. Okey Onuzo's Message at the Sunshine Service on Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bible Text: Matthew 25:1-13

Our LORD Jesus Christ used parables, and He said to His disciples, "Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand" (Luke 8:10). Every time you see or read a parable about the Kingdom of God, you must take a very close look at it, because Jesus is speaking of how you should be a part of the Kingdom of God.

Of the wise and the foolish from the Parable of The Ten Virgins, which do you belong to? It is necessary to know this because you need to do a pre-judgement assessment, so that you are not surprised at Jesus' coming. There is a finality in the statement, "The door was shut." It is like the finality during the flood in the time of Noah; when he kept warning his fellow citizens but they laughed at him about the flood. The day Noah entered the ark, God shut the door, and the flood started. Those who laughed at Noah came to the door of the ark begging him to open it, but Noah could not open it because he was not the one who shut it. When the door is shut, it is not a case of whenever you come, you can enter; it is shut.

When one hears the statement "I do not know you" from the Parable Of The Ten Virgins, one would ask, how can that be possible, because this parable is not for outsiders (Luke 8:10). The foolish virgins are going to discover that in spite of their religion, they are not known in Heaven. There are three areas where you must be known as a Christian. You must be known in the world; it must be possible for those who know you to testify that truly, you are a child of God. That is why Jesus said "By their fruits, you shall know them." You must be known in Hell because when Jesus came to the earth, the devil said he knew Jesus. You must be known in Hell, as either the holy child of God or as one of them. Also, you must be known in Heaven as a beloved child of God whom God is pleased with. Jesus is saying the foolish virgins will come and He would not come out to answer them, but He would answer them from inside saying, "I never knew you, depart." Jesus elaborated on this in Matthew 7:13-23, especially in vs 21 and vs 23 which says "“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven." "And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’"

Jesus, the judge says even if you did many wonders here on earth, there is still a chance He would tell you "I never knew you" at His coming. Many people are carried away by all manner of wonders, but you have to realise that none of these things on earth can qualify a man to make Heaven. People have to know God, it is not about going to Church, because all miracles performed by a man in Church will not make him enter Heaven, if he is not known in Heaven.

The fruit of the Spirit is so fundamental because it is the same Holy Spirit that is bearing fruits in your life, and will see you through until you get to Heaven (Romans 8:16). It is the same Spirit that is guiding you, leading you, correcting you and chastising you. There is no way after your relationship, fellowship, companionship and intimacy with the Holy Spirit that you would be rejected at the gate of Heaven. If the Holy Spirit is actively at work in you, then you will bear fruits of the Spirit. It is the activity of the Holy Spirit in the life of a man that will keep him.

You must not be subject to the deceit of false prophets and teachers whose emphasis is that religious activity is more important than the fruits of the Spirit. Don't be caught in your works; the relationship you have with God is more important than what you are doing. The life that you live, the righteousness you live, the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit is what qualifies you with God. God is looking for people who will be transformed into the image of Christ.

The critical thing is to do the will of God. A man can build castles on earth and yet, it would profit him nothing. The reason is because that is not what God called him to do. Most people are not thinking of the judgement that will come, because if they do, they won't do or act as they like. The people who want get to Heaven have to step aside; the road to Hell is accommodating, but the road to Heaven is very narrow, it does not admit many things. Heaven is about the Kingdom of God. It is very easy to be deluded and carried away by the things of the world, hence, you need to remind yourself about making Heaven (2 Peter 1:5-12 [NLT]). The reason you are reminded to stay on the path to Heaven is because if you are not careful, you will step out. If you don't remind yourself, you are deceiving yourself, because Heaven is real.

When you are determined to do God's will, you can look at temptation and lost opportunities in the face, and say nothing will make you bend or do anything contrary to God's will. You have to know God and God has to know you. You have to know God and understand His ways, so that you can tell people about what will happen if they don't do God's will. These parables are told for you to assess yourself, so that you won't get before God on Judgement Day and be surprised. In addition, the way you treat your spouse will count before God. Families exist so that you can practice the fruits of the Spirit every day, and a lot of people don't realise that the whole thing is woven together.

One of the things that is critical in the statement, "I never knew you" is, if you love God, wouldn't He know it? Pray to God that after going to Church and after your works, you don't want a tragedy of unknown dimension to befall you on Judgement Day. Don't think religion will save you, pray to God to open your eyes no matter what it will cost, because righteousness has costs.

You have an opportunity to make a fresh commitment to follow God with all your heart so that His glory will come upon your life, and you will be a Christian that is not only known on earth but also known in Heaven and in Hell. Ask the Holy Spirit to do a new work in your heart, so that your life will count for time and eternity. There is nothing that can be compared to being a citizen of Heaven, hence, you need to repent of all hypocrisies. If you are willing to repent and surrender your life to Jesus Christ, then pray this prayer right now: O LORD, my God, I speak from my heart; Father please forgive me all my sins, wash me in the Blood of Jesus. Dear LORD Jesus, please come into my heart, and be my LORD and Saviour. I believe with all my heart that You died for my sins, You rose from the dead to give me a new life; I surrender my life to you and I confess to my world that You are now my LORD and Saviour. I will love You, follow You, obey You until I see You in Heaven. Please write my name in the Book of Life, for I desire to be with You in Heaven. Thank You, O LORD, my God in Jesus name I pray.

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